In Aeronautical Engineering, Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Practical training is an essential part of course. The institute has a well equipped workshop to impart practical training to students in basic workshop technology. The other laboratories include electrical lab, instrument lab and Radio navigation lab. These labs are equipped with all required training aids and other equipments required for practical demonstration and training.

School of Aeronautics has two 52 seater fully serviceable Aircrafts for training to students.

Aircraft Avionics System Labs are well-equipped with the basic as well as state-of-the-art technology-Radio Communication and Navigation equipments. Other significant equipments, worth mentioning are: Radar System, Automatic Distance Finding System, VOR, Instrument Landing System, G.S. and Marker System. The highlight of the Lab is an Electro Static Device (ESD) Safe Work Station. Mock-ups of all the Instruments and Electrical equipments of Aircraft systems are available. The entire practical’s related to aircraft avionics system can be performed in our labs. Aircraft Instrument system, calibration equipments (GE Sensing) are available in college. In this calibration lab we use actual calibration equipments used in Aviation Industry, so that students get hands on training of calibrating aircraft instruments.

Aircraft Mechanical System Labs are well equipped with the basic as well as state of the art technology – airframe NDT equipments, operational aileron movement system, brake operation system, working aircraft engine testing bench, etc. Working mock ups of all the aircraft airframe and propulsion (engine) system is available. The entire practical’s related to aircraft mechanical system can be performed in our labs. We have very well established NDT lab which includes equipments like Magnetic crack detection, Ultrasonic crack detection, and video scope (Olympus) inspection unit for jet engines.

Aerodynamics Lab: One of the most important labs in the college where students of Aeronautical Engineering, can perform there practical’s related to analysis of the models they make in wind tunnel. We have wind tunnel which provide us the speed of 32 mts per sec in test section, with cross section of 1ft by 1 ft and one meter length.


Our Computer Labs are well-designed for entry-level as well as advanced computing. The Labs are full-fledged and equipped with latest configuration PCs, printers, scanners and multimedia devices. The computers are configured in LAN as well high-speed broadband for Internet access. Packages like Visual Studio 6.0, AUTO-CAD R-2000, Visual Basic, Web-page designing software, JAVA, Turbo C/C++, VC, VC ++ are available on Windows as well as DOS platforms. In addition to academic practical’s related to computer programming language, we are providing additional classes of software’s like CAD, CAM, CATIA, CFD, MATLAB & ANSIS.

Electronics Labs are well equipped with all kinds of electronic equipments and components. In the Labs, the latest models of Cathode Ray Oscilloscopes, Function Generators, Dual Power Supply Units, Digital Trainer Kits, Microprocessor kits, Micro-controller kits, Measuring Instruments, Digital Multi-meters, etc., are available. We are using very popular brand of equipments from Aplab, who are famous in providing branded electronics calibration equipments.


Other labs in college include, Material Testing Lab, Strength of Material Lab, Heat Transfer Lab, Thermal Lab, Aircraft Structure lab, General Engineering Workshop.


In short all the labs related to aircraft system are very well developed. Management has invested large amount of money in importing various aircraft testing equipments. There are 19 Laboratories in college, housing equipments of different experiments semester wise and two serviceable aircrafts for practical’s and OJT. In total 55000 sq ft area for imparting practical training to the students of B.Tech (Aeronautical Engineering) and Aircraft Maintenance Engineering. Students of B.Tech (Mechatronics) also do there practical’s in the relevant labs.

Library: Institute has a library fully equipped with numerous course text books, reference books, solved/unsolved exam papers, news/bulletins, magazines, personality development books, general knowledge and also competitive exam books. Each student is provided with a library card for issue of books for a fixed duration of time. The library also receives a number of popular magazines and current aviation journals. Our institute has also collaboration with other libraries from where the student can obtain membership too read as many books as they want on any subject. There are more than 16000 thousand books and thousands of e Books.


Foreign Language: In addition to academic theory and practical’s, we are providing additional classes of French language.

Extra Curricular Activities: At School of Aeronautics (Neemrana) we believe that the time spent by our student at College should be much more important than just getting a degree. The College’s Physical Recreation & Sports Facilities offer an exciting range of sporting opportunities for both students and staff. The philosophy behind this is to stay healthy, raise confidence, compete and have fun with your friends. Physical Recreation & Sports facilities like Yoga, Tennis, Badminton, etc. are being provided to the students.

The technical associations of the various disciplines play an active role in organizing discussions, seminars, guest lectures, educational tours etc. In addition, there are cultural associations, a photographic club and a music club, each of which arranges Programs and competitions with the help of the students’ academic council. We are proud to state that our students are continuously winning prize at various inter collegiate cultural and sports festivals.